"I spent a fabulous two days with Doug, at the end of which my confidence with my camera was at an all time high," Beth, London.

"I only wish Doug came in collapsible form so I could take him with me next time I go travelling with my camera," Abbey, Brighton

"It was a fantastic weekend, I never knew I could learn so much in such a short time," Geoff, Windsor

"If only I had done Doug's course before I went to South America last year, then I'm sure my pictures would have been so much better," Ann, Bristol

"I did Doug's two-day course with three work colleagues; it was a lot of fun while learning something I've always wanted to be better at," David, London

"Wow, I never realised there was so much involved in taking a good picture, but thanks to Doug's patience and vast knowledge I am now much more confident in using my camera gear," Rory, St. Albans

"I've been doing Doug's courses for three years now, a day or two now and again when I need to brush up on my skills, especially before going on a big trip. He really helps me get those great pictures I'm after," Peter, Sevenoaks