7 Things To Do Before Doing Kegel Exercises

Arnold Kegel exercises – this is a known technique which was invented to strengthen the muscle tissue of the pelvic floor, and got its name, in honor of the doctor who developed it. Pelvic bottom is called a kind of “litter” to the vital organs. Few people think about the fact that these muscles need to be strengthened and toned, and no special exercises, they become weak and lose its firmness and elasticity. This exercise is so famous that kegel balls used by playboy models are being sold in auction sites.

Kegel exercises for women:

Organs are in the pelvic floor, and it is: the uterus, bladder, rectum, urethra and vagina to perform very important functions. In the case where the vaginal muscles are weakened, they cannot perform its primary function, namely to support the pelvic organs, which in turn can lead to their omission, various pathologies and other consequences. Applying a set of exercises developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, you can minimize the risk of many serious diseases. The effectiveness of these exercises proved incontinence, especially post-natal as well as help a woman in an intimate life.

Kegel exercises:

Reviews of enthusiastic women of this method are the motivation for the million other representatives of the fair half of mankind. Strengthening and bringing the muscle tone is the main goal set by Arnold Kegel exercises. Supple and elastic muscles of the pelvic floor to prevent falling bodies and support them in a position which laid the man anatomy.

In addition, Kegel exercises for pregnant women can be the key to facilitate childbirth, due to an increase in muscle tissue elasticity of the vagina. In addition, it will avoid problems with postpartum muscular dystrophy, which is inevitable without training.

Indications for Arnold Kegel exercises

Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle tissue, it is helpful to do all women, without exception. But there is a group of people, which is especially indicated.

The first and most important evidence – incontinence

The reasons for this phenomenon may be physiological changes or other factors. To, treatment was administered correctly and the effect is, to wait long, it is necessary to establish the cause that triggers this process. First you need to see a specialist, when the first problems with incontinence of urine. Kegel exercises for women, incontinence can be a real salvation, as well as for pregnant women and aged women. These exercises should be mandatory for women to bear a child – it is necessary to prevent problems with incontinence of urine, which often happens in the last months of pregnancy. For the “newly” mothers who have recently given birth, this procedure is necessary to restore the vaginal muscles after birth. For the fair half of mankind who has to lift weights.

This fact can cause uterine prolapse. For those women who are afraid of the fact that the uterus can fall out of the vagina. The stronger the muscles of the pelvic floor, the lower the risk of this dangerous phenomenon.

The prevention of urinary incontinence

For a noticeable improvement in the sexual quality of life and to enhance sexual desire prevention is required. It is necessary to determine the order, where are your pelvic floor muscles. Exercises should be performed in any comfortable position, as long as the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks were completely relaxed. It is necessary to put a clean finger into the vagina and squeeze it strongly intimate muscles. If a woman could feel the tension and resistance, it means that it is in the goal – and it is these muscles are involved. Another solution to this is the use of yoni eggs while doing yoga. Both kegel and yoni eggs are healthy for moms.

The second way is to understand the mechanism of action – hold up the flow of urine.

It is worth repeating the movement and the woman to the pelvic floor muscles have started to work. But this method should not be abused, once or twice will be enough to understand the principle, otherwise it can only exacerbate the problem.

What are kegel exercises/how to do kegel exercises- to find out the answers, it is not necessary to attend the expensive lessons. Self-development of this complex exercise is possible in a few training sessions.

The order of performance and features Arnold Kegel exercises

Before you start training, you need to empty the bladder. A woman should relax the whole body and focus entirely on the pelvic muscles and other muscle tissue in this case should be relaxed. Even breathing is a guarantee that the “foundation” of the proper performance of a complex exercise. All movements can be performed in any convenient for the woman pace as in the fast and slow.

 If a person is preferable to fast movements, it is necessary to compress and relax the muscles, about once per second, and do 10 reps. in the second case, it is necessary to stretch the muscles and keep them in this position until the feel at a slow pace to 15, and then relax slowly. For greater effect, during your workout, you can lift your legs, gluteus muscles straining and pressing them to the stomach. This situation should be fixed for a few seconds, then slowly return to starting position and repeat 10 times.

In turn, should stretch the muscles of the vagina and anus. In the first case, you need to mentally retard the flow of urine, and the second – the act of defecation. Stretch the muscles to be slightly lifting the hips from the surface on which you are, holding this position for 3-5 seconds. For greater effect, during your workout, you can lift your legs, gluteus muscles straining and pressing them to her stomach. It’s very simple to do such exercises but the most important thing is to understand the mechanism of action and do not forget about the useful procedures daily. You can even set aside some time during each day and do the exercises in the same time, for example, when watching your favorite TV program. If a woman doubts whether she correctly perform exercises, she can consult with her doctor.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles Kegel exercises – it is an effective, modern and safe way, which can be afford by any woman. Exercises for expectant mothers and other women is not many different, but still pregnant ladies should do them a little bit more careful and avoid overexertion.

You need to perform the exercises in the supine position, knees bent. In addition to the lower pelvic muscles, the rest of the body must be completely relaxed and at rest. It should exert intimate muscles as at jet urinary retention, hold in this position for a few moments and to completely relax. Post a crotch rest for a few seconds and are ready to re-execute. Reps should be not less than 10-15, with each passing day the number of approaches should be increased by a few points. To perform the following Kegel exercises for pregnant women, need to strain the intimate muscles and pull your lower body to the stomach. If you’re already excited, you can Click This Link to buy and start enjoying kegel balls.

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