As someone who has seen marriages fail around me, I could not help but wonder if getting married is still worth it. My marriage has been going strong for 40 years, and If there is one thing that I think keeps it strong, then it has to be sex. Especially those who are suffering from mid-life crisis alongside with a marriage that is not looking good, it can get a little exhausting sometimes.

Attraction is everything. If you are not attracted to each other anymore, then you stop having the motivation to make them coffee in the morning, work your ass off in the garage, and have the motivation make love. In this blog, you will find how I approach marriage through the things that I do for my wife and are often overlooked by some husbands. You will also know that seduction works a little different than it was 30, 20, or 10 years to go. I am not an expert but I think that if you apply these pieces of advice, you will be fine.

Having a divorce is not always the answer, and what drives it is most of the time just misunderstanding and unmet expectations. If you think that you need a little more help, then do not hesitate to send me an email, and let’s see if we can get your problems fixed. You may also be featured in of of our posts, so others could learn from your experiences. We will also talk about what it means to go through mid-life crisis. Despite the stigma that men are supposed to be strong and successful, people do not talk about the silent battles that men face that could be taxing their whole motivation in life.  Hope to hear from you soon!