Can Role-Play Sex Save Your Marriage?

Is it possible to tackle relationship issues through new sexual techniques? Can role-play sex save your marriage, and how can you try it? Today, we’ll give you some marriage advice and talk about trying role-play to reinvent your sex life! What are some of the most pleasurable fantasies that your partner will enjoy? Keep reading to find out! 

How to Tackle Intimacy Problems

For starters, let’s reassure you that relationship and intimacy problems are incredibly common. If your sex life is less active than it used to be, don’t despair. You may not know that tons of couples in long-term relationships also experience the same issues. Studies show that nearly 50% of married couples are unsatisfied. 

There are many problems we could highlight right now. The first and most obvious is life. Daily life, work, stress, and family issues can lower the male and female libido. They can also diminish your energy and focus levels. If both you and your spouse simply can’t find the time for sex, try not to put yourself down! 

Also, our sexual habits change over time. Many couples change their habits to simply take pleasure out of other things in life that aren’t related to sex. However, there are two sides to the relationship coin. If one partner isn’t happy about their sex life, they have the right to tackle the issues in their marriage. 

Now that we’ve addressed the elephant in the room, we can face other personal issues. Those mainly depend on the individual relationship. So, think about how you and your partner are behaving. The best way to move forward is to have an open discussion.

If you postpone your discussion, the problems could build-up to the point of becoming unsolvable. Also, if you want to start up the intimacy talk with your partner, it’s crucial to understand if sex is the real issue. Oftentimes, sex is just one part of the equation, and the problem could actually be much larger. 

The Solution 

Considering the above, you should get to the core problem before trying any new sex tricks, techniques, and shortcuts. If you can’t find the issue, it’s possible that daily life has taken its toll and that you’ve simply forgotten what great sex and romance feels like because of that. Either way, talking to your partner is the best solution!

If you’re afraid of discussing it or if you think that your spouse could be offended, just remember the values of your marriage. Do you truly believe your spouse would truly scorn you for wanting to improve your sex life? Hopefully, it would be just the opposite, and if you communicate with your spouse, they will appreciate the courage and effort that you took for wanting to change things. 

Besides open communication, one of the most effective ways to solve marriage issues is to try counseling. Unfortunately, therapists get put down consistently because people believe that they’re only intended for troublesome and broken marriages. However, the trick with marriage therapists is to use them to gain a second opinion from someone who is highly experienced in relationships. Therapy will not solve your issues. But, it will teach you about the best communication tools for your individual marriage. 

When you understand and deal with your problems, you can move on to new sexual tricks and kinks. If you think your partner doesn’t need any new sexual adventures, you could be wrong. Why? Well, it’s tough to understand and fulfill someone’s erotic needs, even if you’ve been with them for several years. Talking about their fantasy, desire, or a new sexual activity could go a long way. 

Role-Play Sex: Is It a Solution? 

Firstly, role-play doesn’t immediately require you to put on a leather horse mask and make all kinds of strange noises in bed. It’s a type of sex play that can adapt to any fantasy. It allows you to take on another character and invent a new story that will move your focus away from real life. It’s not necessarily an extreme fetish. It provides lots of fun, and you can try all sorts of creative role-play ideas with your partner while having regular sex. 

For instance, if you want to relieve your sexual encounters from the beginning of your marriage, you reenact your honeymoon. Or, if you’re adventurous, you can start the night off by pretending to be strangers at a bar. 

But, you can experiment with other common scenarios like repairman/housewife, student/teacher, etc. Others are even more intense, for example, police officer/prisoner, damsel in distress, client/prostitute, robot/human, master/slave, etc. If you need more ideas, simply check out role-play across various porn categories and get your inspiration from some juicy sex scenes!

Generally, role-play is popular with many married couples because it’s so versatile. The combination of mental and physical stimulation is what makes it so exciting. It allows couples to try new ways of flirting and seduction. Plus, it can involve some exciting prep, and it can also build up the anticipation before you get to the bedroom. 

You could, for instance, stretch the scenario out during the entire day. You and your partner could talk on the phone, sext, and flirt during the day, and tease each other before you get hot and heavy. Also, some roles could require new costumes, lingerie, and even new sex toys that could renew your sexual appetite. 

The Benefits 

Most of the benefits you can get from role-play will completely reinvent your sex life. If you communicate with your partner, and you clearly discuss your plans, desires, and goals, role-play will allow you to step out of your sexual comfort zone and try new things. 

Still, before you attempt anything, note that this kink is meant to stay in the realm of fantasy. That means you shouldn’t feel guilty to try certain role-play scenarios. It also doesn’t make them wrong or immoral. However, role-play requires consent, which means permission from your partner is an absolute necessity. 

When done correctly, role-play can boost your self-esteem and sexual confidence. It can also satisfy your desires and deepest fantasies. Those two benefits will make you more conscious of your body and your own sexuality. Moreover, in some cases, role-play can prevent infidelity. 

Common Role-Play Scenarios 

As we’ve said, there are many things you can try. Some of the most popular ideas for beginners are repairman/housewife, firefighter/victim, student/professor, french maid/rich man, etc. Do you notice the pattern? 

All those scenarios involve a role that is slightly more dominant, while the other is more submissive. And that’s just the thing! The trick for role-playing with your partner is to experiment with power dynamics. Your partner can be the dominant role that rescues (firefighter) or controls you (master) in some way. If you’re the submissive, you can be the victim, slave, a student in need of educating, etc. If you are more inclined to be dominant, simply reverse the roles. It’s also possible to switch the roles in the middle of sex to make it even more exciting. 

When it comes to role-play scenarios, the sky is truly the limit! One tip is to discuss your boundaries and wishes with your partner. If you don’t want to be an alien and use an anal probe on your partner, it’s definitely okay to refuse. As we’ve said, consent should be your first priority. 

Yet, if both of you are attracted to a sexual fantasy, no matter how weird or bizarre, then go ahead and have fun! You can take role-play ideas from your favorite movies, books, the internet, and so on. Finally, remember that it’s easy to get carried away during role-play sex, which is why you should use safe words with your partner. 

Time to Play!

Now that you know all about role-play sex, you can use it to improve your sex life. So talk to your partner and discuss some of the kinky things that you could enjoy. In the end, changing your sexual habits and incorporating new tricks while fulfilling your fantasies could save your marriage! Good luck!

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