How to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Why Is It Important for Men to Keep Their Sexual Performance High

It seems like this question is as old as time itself. It’s clear that even before we became sentient, we as a species needed to keep up with our partner’s needs and expectations. Even if sex isn’t a competition per se, it’s an unspoken truth that we all want to be the best in the sack.

To maximize both their and their partner’s pleasure, men need to show certain sexual skills. No, simple thrusting and a few kisses on the neck aren’t enough. If you don’t want to appear dull and boring, changing intensity, sex position, and approach is key to success. Of course, that’s if you don’t want to be that old chunk of coal, lying on top of girls.

But all this talk of performance can blow up in your face. Pressuring yourself into a constant need to fuck like a porn star can cause sexual anxiety. Unfortunately, guys these days take porn too seriously, and that makes them have unrealistic expectations. Just like being a bad and selfish lover can paint you lame, trying too hard gets you nowhere.

Active Lifestyle

So, how does an average Joe keep his sex game on a high level? Well, there’s not a single answer here, you know. It’s a mix of different things.

For starters, your fitness levels and lifestyle deeply affect your sexual health and how you act and perform in the sack. So, let’s take a look at what you should do to replicate those hung studs in porn.

Firstly, not only does working out help your hormone levels in general, it goes way beyond that. As the level of your stamina goes up, your duration in bed follows. After all, it’s pretty simple to understand how important endurance is once you have intercourse. The longer you last, there’s more chance of bringing your partner to a climax.

But it’s not all about strength and stamina — there’s something about how you look! We all kid ourselves how looks don’t matter, but when it comes to picking up your crush, you’ll need to show some muscles. It’s not like all those ‘80s action flicks were absurd — we all love to see a fine body image.

So, gear up and start working out. There’s no reason why an average person can’t bulk their size up. You’ll leave a better impression on your potential partner, and you’ll show them a better time if you exercise.

Improve Sexual Endurance

Like we’ve said already, there’s no single answer to becoming a sex demigod. It’s mostly a combination of different things that make a great lover. So besides your stamina and physique, there’s a certain question of how sensitive your penis is.

Commonly, guys have a medical condition called premature ejaculation. The desire for sex overcomes a man, and he gets too excited, so he blows his load after a few seconds. A rather unfortunate problem to have,  but it can happen to anyone.

Luckily, there’s something you can do about it. It’s an exercise we like to call a start-stop technique.

So to last longer in bed, you’ll need to turn your masturbation into training. First, start by slowly touching your penis and stroking. After a while, increase the intensity, but don’t overdo it.

The point is to realize the moment you’re going to ejaculate. And just before you spill your load — stop! Wait for a while, relax, and then start again.

This so-called edging technique is a simple solution you can use to up your endurance level. It helps your penis become less sensitive to vaginal penetration. It’s a process, so don’t expect it’ll work straight away.

Manage Anxiety and Stress

It might sound easy when we say so, but in reality, it’s a bit more complicated. Both anxiety and stress are conditions all of us suffer from, albeit in different ways. The restlessness of living in a modern world, surrounded by unattainable expectations and relationship issues, bring us to the brink of breaking apart. Keep it together, even if it sounds hard.

Don’t expect you’ll perform like a guy who’s paid for on-screen sex. Also, don’t expect anything similar from your partner, unless you hook up with a porn star. Tone down your expectations and be prepared for average sex. The TV screen lies all the time, so don’t be another sex media victim.


Since we’ve mentioned libido problems and working out, it’s only fair we add diet to the conversation. As it’s widely known, what we eat and drink affects how well we perform. So don’t get fooled into thinking a couple of bears and burgers won’t prevent you from having great sex.

The male sexual organ feels every drop of alcohol you take. Whether you drink some fine wine or load yourself with vodka, your performance will suffer from it. Blood flow is vital for how your little friend downstairs handles himself in bed, so limit your drinking.

Also, eat healthily. Not only will it improve your general health, but it will also help you last longer in bed and fuck better.

Health Check-Up

If you’ve done everything right and still have problems while intimate with your partner, it’s probably time to go to your doctor. Don’t hesitate if you feel like there’s something wrong with the way you perform in bed.

Seeing a doctor will not only save you from possible future erectile dysfunction problems, but it will also help you manage your health in general. Of course, don’t take male enhancement pills without consulting a registered medical worker.

Your sexual activity shouldn’t suffer from bad genes and recklessness, people. So stay healthy, stay smart, and fuck like an animal, now!

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