How Your Sex Life Changes After Marriage

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex?

In some ways, this is the most frequent question young couples like to ask. And yes, we can’t blame them. Sexual intercourse makes for a pretty big part of any relationship in the world. But how often do lovers end up having married sex?

Well, it depends.

An average couple will be intimate with each other once or twice every week. Moreover, most people’s sex lives ain’t any more exciting than yours. Depending on all sorts of factors, be it mood or something else, sex comes as the cherry on top of your cake — meaning it does not happen that often.

But then again, some people are just wilder than the rest. They have a gaping sexual desire, which makes them consummate their love every day. Sometimes, more than once a day. But like we’ve already said — it differs from couple to couple.

Therefore, there’s no use in comparing your sex life to anyone else’s.

The Difference in Sex Drive

At the core of your sexual being is your drive that leads to a desire for intercourse. Every human being has it. It just differs from individual to individual whether that drive’s going to be high or not. Hence, people end up in unfortunate situations — one partner is all for it, while the other one is just not feeling like it.

So whether you’re enjoying married life or the two of you are still dating, balancing between your sex drives is essential for a successful relationship. See, the thing is, you have to consider that sometimes your partner just isn’t in the mood. Sometimes external factors meddle in your affairs and you just have to let it go.

Know more about sex drive changes here.

Decreased Libido

Even if this put’s us in danger of sounding like Carrie Bradshaw, sex after marriage can be sparse. Unfortunately, lots of couples end up almost lifeless once they commit to each other long term. The pressure of job expectations, managing the house, raising the children, all make a difference.

Good sex becomes rare, problems pile on top of each other, and you end up plant-like. It’s the unfortunate truth that follows all relationships, and libido is the first to suffer. Even if this sounds cruel, it’s just a matter of how life works. No one wants to go there, but we all end up there eventually.

Luckily, there are ways any couple can bring that sweet joy back. It’s not like it’s lost forever — it’s just that you have to come to terms with the fact that life changes. And while it evolves, it brings new rules. Therefore, people who understand this sooner rather than later have a better relationship than the rest.

Changes in Life

Like we’ve said, life passes by, and it brings certain changes along. There’s no point in denying it — it’s just how it works out in the end. People get a job, get married, and then, most of the time, end up with kids. All three of these things are hard hitters, and they alter how we live.

Any kind of job is a responsibility, and as such, it burdens us. Tight deadlines, irritating bosses, and co-workers, you name it. In turn, people carry those problems back home with them once the work hours end. And like you’ve guessed it, they bring them into the bedroom also.

So not being willing to have sex is normal.

On the other hand, years of marriage lead to offspring. Little critters running around the house take all of your energy, they’re like little roller coasters. Hence, who’s ready for some intercourse after taking care of the kids all day?

Yeah, no one. Okay, maybe a lucky few.

What Are the Ways to Work Around Your Married Sex Life?

Even if most people tend to think of sex as just a way of getting pregnant once married, it can be a lot more. It doesn’t have to be your box office romantic comedy stuff, but it sure as hell must not stay as just a way of procreating. Luckily, you’ve got us on your side to help you through and suggest some quick tips on how to keep it relevant.

First, talk to each other! We can’t stress out how important it is to communicate with your partner. Whether you have problems at work or in any aspect of your life, talk to your partner. After all, you’re in it for better or for worse.

Communication will help the two of you understand each other better, hence, you’ll be able to work around any problems restricting you of good married sex. RELATED: See how to have a good married sex.

But once you’ve started talking and sharing, make basic plans for your romance to work. It can be simple. Just schedule sex and let’s say, you make Tuesday night your love day.

Be basic, and keep it 101. It can only help, and when you’re in this kind of problem, you’ll need any help you can get.

Try Some Experimenting

You can mix it up by having date nights. Yeah, just like in the good old day when you were just starting. Bring it back a notch; recreate that long lost feeling you had once meeting in the local diner. Dress up nicely, take care of yourself to allow your partner to understand that you still want them to think you’re attractive.

But lastly, don’t be shy when it comes to helping. Like we’ve said, you’ll need any help you can get, and if it means sex toys, then sex toys it is. There’s no reason in the world why married people can’t have adult toys in their bedrooms, there to help them enjoy sex or reignite that old flame.

Be creative in finding solutions for your problems, and don’t shy away from unorthodox measures. If they mean a happy and enjoyable marriage — go for them!

So remember, take care of each other by communicating. It’s the only way around any kind of difficulty in life. Dialogue and sharing are pillars of all healthy relationships, so don’t hesitate to talk to your lover — it can prove rather helpful.

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