Importance of Wearing The Right Male Chastity Device for Beginners

Lock the Cock Like a Pro

Locking oneself in a chastity device to prevent getting an erection is relatively common nowadays. People generally don’t frown upon the world of roleplaying and submission anymore, and knowing how to get into it properly is as vital as the act itself. It’s not rocket science, but there are a few tips and tricks on how to wear a chastity device.

Therefore, we’ve come up with a few pieces of advice everyone interested in exploring this kink should look into. Of course, the primary thing you have to do is get the right cock cage. Overestimating your penis and its tolerance can be a potential.

Once again, choosing the best metal cage is by no means art, but an average person likely won’t know what’s a perfect fit. This chastity for beginners article will make you a pro in no time. So without further chit-chat, let’s look into these male chastity cages!

Proper Way of Measuring a Penis Before Choosing a Chastity Device

Since we’re talking about cock cages here, it’s essential for the potential user to actually know the basics behind these contraptions. These stainless steel sex toys consist of two parts. The first one is the so-called ring, and the second is the tube cage.

The cock ring is placed just above the testicles, at the bottom of the penis. Its purpose is straightforward and consists of preventing the seamen from going upstairs. On the other hand, placed over the penis, the tube prevents it from getting erect. Therefore, since we have two main parts, it’s fairly logical that the users need to assess both the length and girth of their flaccid cocks.

Firstly, measuring with tape or an ordinary thread will work just fine. Wrapping one of these around the base of the phallus is all you need to do. If you’re using a thread, you can release it and measure the previously curved part with a ruler. Once you get the length, divide it with 3.14 (the number pi).

Next, you’ll need to get the length of your flaccid penis. We recommend that you take a warm bath before measuring, as the temperature will affect your size and blood flow. Once you’re fresh out of the water, place the ruler over your penis. Pressing it against your pubic bone will eliminate any possible errors in measuring.

Overestimating yourself is a bad idea, and starting slowly with cages that are just around your size should be the goal. Over time, your body will get used to the cage, and you can start downsizing. Feeling numb or bruising your genitals isn’t the point, and it can cause serious health problems.

Types of Chastity Devices for Beginners

Unfortunately, there isn’t any particular type of these devices tailored to beginners. Different companies that produce these toys have different calling cards for them. But we can all agree that there are four main types that might help shatter confusion among inexperienced and potential users.

Based on the level of stimulation the male can get while wearing them, there are essential differences among different models. From open-ended penis cages that offer just a few bars around the cock to completely closed ones. Orgasm denial comes in contrasting degrees, and cock cages follow that rule.

The first type is almost entirely open for stimulation, and there’s a lot of air going through it. You can practically see the skin of the penis and its head as there’s no top to cover it. Up that, and you’ve got yourself the caged one with bars allowing air to stroll through and give ventilation. Even with the head covered, the space between the bars allows for some stimulation. Go here to view available chastity devices, so you can have an idea of what they look like, including the product specifications.

The third level is the almost closed one, which doesn’t give much away. Although, achieving stimulation through it is somewhat possible. But it’s not the most degrading one, as the fully covered types practically lock everything up. You can’t even urinate with them, so you’d have to remove them if you wanted to pee.

Is Shaving Needed Before Wearing a Cock Cage?

To be frank, shaving isn’t necessary for wearing a chastity belt. You can lock your cock without it, that’s for sure. But if you opt to keep your pubic hair intact, prepare yourself for unpleasant moments of pinching and hair-pulling. Hence, we suggest you get rid of any fur around your genitals.

Most people into chastity play would agree that beginners should start nice and easy. Adjusting one’s body for new pursuits of pleasure is undoubtedly a process they must overcome with time. The cage device itself might be really uncomfortable in the beginning, so there’s no point in making it harder with pubic hair stuck between the skin and the contraption.

Also, we suggest you try shaving your genitals before getting a cock cage to see how your body reacts. Anyone can get skin irritation, and preparing yourself before going into the penis prison might be the best solution.

Safety Precautions When Using a Cock Cage

When it comes to safety and chastity devices, you should be aware of a few vital things. If people accurately measure their genitals and keep them clean, the risk of anything going downhill is almost nonexistent. If both partners act responsibly, they’ll easily avoid long-term health problems.

These devices are definitely not for cold and numb genitals. Feeling pain and discomfort is a clear sign that you’re doing something wrong. Therefore, we suggest that the keyholder always remains available for their submissive partner if they start to feel like something’s wrong.

Apart from that, keeping your junk clean is without a doubt as essential as not feeling pain and discomfort. Maintaining hygiene can save you a lot of trouble. Also, withholding yourself from urinating while the device is locked is dangerous and can lead to unpleasant outcomes.

Although stemming from rough play, power exchange and submission fantasies by no means rely on unwanted pain and suffering. It’s only OK if all participants give their full consent on any actions that involve sex toys such as these, especially married chastity practitioners

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