Keeping Married Sex Hot and Wild

Spend Some Time Alone Together

When it comes to sex tips for marriage, we’ve always been keen on proposing simple solutions. After all, it all comes down to pretty basic stuff. Both work and kids take a serious toll on us, making it almost impossible to keep our libido standards high enough for some hot stuff in the evening.

Well, yeah… From time to time, it gets tough. The pressure keeps building both at home and work, while your partner starts to doubt both of you. It sucks! But, luckily, it’s not like there’s no solution here. The answer is rather simple — organize some time just for the two of you!

Find someone you trust to take care of the kids and go out for a nice dinner. Think of it like traveling back in time, preparing yourself for your very first date. Try to make it exciting once again. You don’t need to have sex, just talk. Take your time and relax.

Exchange words if you’re just not into intercourse with all the pressure boiling back home. You see, it’s important to establish that similar vibe you’ve connected over all those years ago. It’s like reigniting the old spark. So, start slow once more. The sex will come in no time, believe us.

The Quality of Sex Matters

Like we’ve said already, your libido suffers quite a lot in these kinds of situations. It’s not only old age kicking in, but it’s also the pressure building in both of you. Stress is quite literally your worst enemy here. So you need to find a way to act quickly and overcome it.

Fortunately enough, foreplay is just round the corner! Maybe you’ve never given it serious thought, but taking your time before sharing body fluids is key to hot married sex. Building up the desire and slowly enjoying each other’s bodies is critical here. You know, deeps kisses, whispering dirty stuff, oral sex, and some slow romantic ambiance.

Foreplay is as important as anything by the time you hit the middle-age-married-couple crisis. It’s a way of making that dimly-lighted bedroom a sex fortress once again. Date nights, long drives, and red lights all go into making sexual intimacy the jewel on top of your “relationship crown.”

It’s Going to Take Time to Reignite the Spark

Like with everything in life, time is an inevitable factor we all have to face. Be prepared for it not to work instantly. Nothing happens overnight, nor will your hot sex emerge the moment you go to a date. That is important because a lot of people tend to stop trying once it doesn’t change from the very first moment they try fixing their relationship.

You must keep faith in what you’re trying to accomplish, patiently working to reach the same goal. Don’t panic if it’s working for just one of you, as it’s a clear sign you’re doing something right. Your sex drive will be back, just act smart, and redirect your relationship in the path you want to take it in.

Don’t Pressure Each Other

Trying to work on something together with another person often leads to mixed results. One will always lead in terms of progress. So, you mustn’t pressure your partner if they’re not on the same level. Overestimating each other’s abilities is dangerous —  it can lead to even more problems than you started with.

That is another reason why talking is paramount when dealing with couples’ problems. It takes two to have sex, and pretending both of you are up for it can precede an inevitable breakup. So, stay focused on each other’s feelings because that way, not only will you end up having more exciting sexual activities, you’ll strengthen your initial bond.

Try Role-Play

Sex in a marriage doesn’t need to be dull and boring by any means. Introducing new ideas and thoughts is always welcomed. The sole point of this article is to reignite the old spark, taking you and your partner back on track. So, in good faith, we suggest the two of you try role-play sex.

Yeah, role-play is what we’re going for here. It doesn’t need to be something far-fetched; it can be just some simple dressing up. Taking care of your appearance, you’ll lead your partner to believe you’re willing to up a notch just for them. Both partners must get the feeling that they’ve craved for, and role-playing in its core is just that.

Experimenting doesn’t have to be something thoroughly perverse. It can be a slight nudge in the right direction. This way, mixing and spicing, couples’ sex never gets old and boring. It helps to keep the game interesting, making both lovers constantly on the prowl for new ideas. It’s essentially a gentle push that will set you on the right path.

Impressing your partner with your willingness to talk about fantasies will help direct you in the path you’re looking to go. Once more, talking plays a big part here. Communication is a basic principle. Share ideas, dreams, and fetishes — it’ll help make your bond stronger once again.

Find Time To Talk

We’ve been talking about this the whole time, so we must finish on a strong point here. Talking can save any relationship, no matter how bad it gets. Sharing experiences and traumas, even past relationships, can prove to be the turning point in a sour and toxic state of affairs.

Overcoming and meeting each other halfway through over unmet expectations is what you should look to accomplish. Exchange verbally, as it will prove to be a catalyst for further sexual experiences. No heart is made of stone, so there’s no point in treating yours as if it were. Be brave, talk, and don’t give up on each other, no matter how bad things appear to be.

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