Top 4 Kinkiest Sex Swing Positions

If you’re looking to try some new erotic adventures, a sex swing could truly rock your world. They are endlessly creative, and there are almost no limits to how couples can use them. Whether you’re into BDSM, G-spot stimulation, wild oral sex, or any other kink, sex swings could give you some mind-blowing orgasms in mid-air. The best part? You don’t have to be a porn performer or professional acrobat to use them. 

However, before you start swinging, it’s best to check out some sex swing ideas and pointers. So strap in and take a look at the hottest sex swing sex positions that will drive your partner wild and make them beg for more!

Oral Sex While Suspended in Mid-Air 

The easiest way to begin with a sex swing is to try oral sex. Your partner can strap in while you’ll be in complete control. For instance, a man can sit on the strap, and the partner can kneel in front of the swing. Then, it’s possible to introduce all sorts of rocking movements. You can move your partner back and forth or even side to side while holding on to the straps. You could use your tongue or mouth to satisfy them in whatever way you please, from a gentle kiss to something rougher. 

For women, it’s especially hot to lie in the swing with their legs spread wide open. The partner can sit in front of her and reach the genitals much easier. Also, this is exceptionally erotic if your swing has some wrist and ankle fasteners! Add in a blindfold or a sex toy, and you’ll drive your partner insane! There are many more things you can try, like rimming or 69ing.

Doggy Style While Suspended — Stomach Is Lying on the Strap

Doggy style is among the safest sex swing sex positions for beginners, and it works wonders for anal or vaginal penetration. First, your partner should lay their stomach down on the strap. Then, you can grab their hips, legs, feet, or go hands-free while penetrating them. 

Doing it doggy style while using a swing can allow for greater movement. Your partner can also touch the floor with their arms or wall with their legs for greater balance. That way, they can gain more control as you’re penetrating them. On the other hand, doggy style is just perfect if you want to dominate and use your partner while they sit in the swing.

What’s more, this sex position is fantastic to try out in a swing because it allows for deeper and stronger penetration. It also makes everything incredibly easy, especially if you’re interested in trying anal sex. 

69 Position — the Woman Is Lying on the Strap and Suspended

As mentioned before, you can also try the 69 position on a swing. The trick is to have your partner lie with their back on the strap. Their head will be facing the ceiling. Then, you can simply spread your thighs and stand above your partner’s mouth. Note that it may be easier for the woman to lie in the swing rather than stand. If the man is standing up, the woman can reach his cock and balls much easier than if it was the other way around. However, you’ll need to start carefully and slowly to make sure you’re safe. It may be easier to lower the swing for this position. 

When 69ing, the couple can sway back and forth. This position is great for longer foreplay or intensely powerful mutual orgasms. Moreover, it’s also possible to try 69ing with one partner hanging down as opposed to lying on the strap.

Woman on Top While the Man Is Sitting on the Strap

Swings are undoubtedly the most fun when both partners are swaying in them! This classic position is fairly self-explanatory, and you can also think of it as the swinging cowgirl. 

Essentially, the man can sit firmly on the strap, and the woman can hop on. The woman can straddle him as he enters her vagina. You can also decide who’s in control. For instance, the man can control the movement if his feet are on the floor. But, if you decide to lift off, the woman on top can control the range of motion. This position also allows for maximum penetration and will drive you both wild!

It’s crucial to choose the perfect height for the swing and pay attention to the weight limits. As always, start things off carefully. Then, you’ll be able to get into the groove of the swing and get powerful floating orgasms!



As you’ve seen, love swings can offer you limitless ways of giving and receiving pleasure. You can use them to try new techniques, satisfy or dominate your partner, enact your fetish fantasies, and try just about anything you can imagine! So try some of our recommended positions today and swing your way to the best orgasm ever!  

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