Make Your Partner Go Crazy With These Sex Swing Sex Positions!

After you have bought and assembled a love swing, you probably want to know which love swing positions are possible for a hot evening. But of course you can also inform yourself before buying to see in the pictures, which model is the right one.

With love swings many positions are possible, which would otherwise be impossible, or only with a lot of effort would be possible. Besides, there is no rule that only the man or the woman is in the swing. There are many positions where the woman is in the swing and can be pampered by the man, and there are also love swing positions where the man lies in the swing and can be spoiled by the woman.

The classic – The woman is sitting in the swing

In a classic of sex swing positions, the man is the active part of the swing. The woman lies or sits in the love swing and can be satisfied by the man with light or strong shocks. Either the woman lies relaxed in the love swing, or she swings with herself. The rocking movements support the impact and thus the feeling. The penetration is possible vaginal, as well as anal. For both partners, this will be a whole new experience of pleasure.

Hot Dreams door swing for couples

This love swing is designed especially for couples who have no way to attach a love swing to the ceiling. This love swing is attached to a conventional room door. The huge advantage of this love swing is that it is assembled or disassembled in seconds and thus not visible to others. Who wants to have a love swing, which he wants to use in different rooms or just take them to the hotel, etc., which is best advised with this cheap love swing of Hot Dreams.

A love swing consists of different nylon and polyester straps that are attached to the ceiling with eyelets. One of the two partners places himself during the lovemaking in the love swing. Weightlessness and height make the sex more intense. A love swing encourages you to try new and different sex positions. Technically, with a sex swing much more possible than in the home bed.

Overview of the different love swing models and installation instructions

The different models allow you to sit in the swing, to lie or to combine both with a support structure. The swings are usually made of metal chains and padded straps and loops made of polyester. The straps can be adjusted individually according to the height of the body, so that you can take the optimal position.

If you want to get a love swing, you should first think about fixing and carrying capacity. Here it is important to know whether both partners want to swing together on the love swing or just one. You should know what material the blanket consists of and how much load it can withstand. In addition, one should consider in search of the appropriate frame, whether the love swing should remain permanently mounted or after each use is suspended again. You can go to to get quality love swings to make sex more enjoyable.

Love swing brands and accessories at Orion

The love swing toys withstand every weight. It can handle up to 150 kilograms, so that both partners can take a seat on the love swing together. The different straps and leg restraints ensure a perfect fit in the swing. You can be convinced with a love swing, which has a padded mattress. This gives a lot of stability during lovemaking. The big advantage: the head can also be put down on the lying surface. The brand “Fetish Fantasy” provides the right love swing for beginners. The swing can also be attached to the door. This prevents uncontrolled vibrations and exerts both partners to deal with the new weightlessness. The love swing will after use with a damp cloth and the Toy-Cleaner disinfected. The frame can be easily removed from the suspension and stored away from the sun in a safe place.

Without any strenuous acrobatics experience erotic positions and literally fly with pleasure: A love swing in the bedroom makes the sex even more beautiful. The love swing brings new life into your sex life and allows floating positions that turn your head! Discover the different models and rock your love happiness!

Love swing: for more swing in the bedroom!

The love swing is attached to the ceiling or door and offers extremely strong hold in all positions. The sexy piece of furniture can be compared to classic swings. But instead of a wooden board as a seat, comfortable, padded straps wait for you to take a seat on them. Leg loops ensure that the legs float comfortably in the air. Depending on the model and design so different positions for the wild love game in the air are possible.

Blowjob, cunnilingus, doggy-style or wheelbarrow: In the love swing you are allowed to get creative. The imagination knows no limits! And of course not only two people have fun on the swing. Three-party constellations or entire groups can try the Love Swing together. Love makes a difference.

Sensual suspension in the love swing

Mostly the love swings with straps and buckles are flexibly adjustable. They can be perfectly adapted to the respective body size and the desired position. Depending on desire and taste, other sex toys from tender to hard can be used together with the love swing . Here, even fetish lovers will have their true joy.

From the front, from the side or from behind: With a Loveswing you have really good sex from every perspective. The active person can, for example, kneel in front of the swinging partner or pamper the other while standing. Also, the person who makes it comfortable in the swing, has many options: it can hang backwards or on the belly in the love swing, even actively spoil or just let yourself fall and enjoy the swinging sex.

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