“Thank you so much for all you have done for us. It’s amazing how different our marriage is from just 2 months ago! We’re having more sex now and that’s something I’ve always wanted for us! You have changed our lives and we are eternally grateful!”

-Heather & Ben

Thank you doesn’t seem enough to express my appreciation for what your blogs have done to improve not only my marriage, but my life. Coming to see you has been a true blessing! Thank you for your wisdom and understanding. How lucky we are that there is someone like you to guide us thru this sometimes difficult thing called marriage! All the best, to you and your family. Thank you Thank you!


I’m happy to report that the hormones seem to be taking effect. It’s wonderful to feel like myself again. Thank you so much for everything. Lance and I are very grateful for the help you have given us. We are thrilled to be very intimate again. Thank you!


Thanks for all you have done to help me and my relationships. You played a very important role in dramatically improving this past year for me. 


My husband and I were having problems and we needed somebody we can relate to. I have never liked to go to counseling but this is something I had to do not for only myself but for my husband and our marriage. I came across your website and felt that this is something that we needed very badly. At the end of reading each blog, my husband and I tried to practice those new positions which also helped us ALOT.

Not only is this a great sex blog site but also something that each person in a failing relationship must read. I needed help badly in this department. It was honestly a little embarrassing at first to talk about something like this but once again she made me feel comfortable and open up to her. Doug just has the sense about her that just makes you feel extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend this blog to anybody needing help in their marriage or sexual counseling.