Urethral Sounding Basics

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been fascinated with holes. As a result, it came as no surprise that someone tried to insert an object into a penis. Yes, you read it right. Male sounding is a process of inserting a small rod into the urethra. While it originated as a medical approach, people realized that it could be rather enjoyable as well. 

The Sensation of Sounding a Penis

If you are wondering how sounding feels, we are here to try to answer all your questions. After you read this article, you’ll be ready for a little sounding adventure of your own. Before we go through how sounding feels, you might be asking yourself — why would someone try this? The reason is simple — pleasure. Genitals are filled with nerves, and finding other ways to stimulate them can be quite exciting. Plus, it gives a special thrill since it is a bit of taboo. 

Urethral play is a crafty way to reach the male G-spot or prostate. It is an excellent way to feel an orgasm that’s unlike any other you’ve felt before. By inserting the toy into your pee hole, you will be able to stimulate the prostate directly. 

Naturally, it is highly recommended to use a lubricant (and a lot of it) to ensure that you have a pain-free sounding experience. If we had to summarize the feeling of urethral sounding in one word, it would be intense. Especially for people who never had the experience with this fetish. Furthermore, they will probably ejaculate in a new and different way. 

While some might say that the whole procedure is not pleasurable, it is still quite intense, and if you are careful enough, entirely painless. 

Dangers of Doing Urethral Sounding Incorrectly

Before you hop onto your new metal rod, you should know that there are dangers if you do sounding incorrectly. Whether you use stainless steel or silicone sounds, you should be gentle and careful. Remember, be careful and always protect and make yourself comfortable and no matter how kinky you are, never try inserting penis plugs during circumcision. Don’t be that level of crazy.

Moreover, regardless of the toy you use, you need to ensure that it’s sterile. The last thing you need is an infection. That involves urinary tract infections due to bacteria entering cuts in the urethra. That is why you need to use lube and take it slow. While we are on the subject of lube, not using enough lubricant can cause the toy to get stuck in the urethral opening. Needless to say, you shouldn’t try to force anything, and if that happens, seek medical attention. Some sounding kits offer cock plugs with abrasive textures, which can damage the tissue. 

When navigating sterile lube, it will be quite easy at the beginning — at least until you reach the base of the penis. There, you might feel a curvature, and you will need to aim if you want to get to the fun part. Of course, there is the danger of puncturing your bladder if you go too hard, so take your time. 

Finally, the act is entirely harmless if you use an appropriate toy, especially if you don’t do it often. However, using sounds that are too large and using them frequently can leave your urethra stretched out. For some, that is part of the thrill, but if you are not one of them, don’t overdo it. 

Choosing the Size of the Plug for the Level of Experience

Penis plugs come in all shapes and sizes, and you will need to find the one that’s perfect for you. The idea is to find an appropriately sized one — neither too big nor too small. In the end, you might feel like Cinderella while trying them out, but it’s undoubtedly worth the time. 

Cock stuffing is a delicate process, and it can improve your sex life. But if you find a plug that’s too small, you might miss out on the fun. On the other hand, trying one that’s too large can be painful, and it can leave you unsatisfied. 

Beginners often worry more about the length of the toy, and this approach can be bad. The core idea of sounding is that the toy should perfectly fit your urethra. Naturally, if you are an explorer, you might want to increase the size over time. With long toys, you have the option of inserting them only partially if you are not prepared for deep urethral stimulation. 

So what’s the issue with plugs that are too thin? Beginners can have a tough time navigating the plug, and these sex toys can be sharp if they are too thin. Furthermore, for people who already have experience with these toys, something like an 8 mm tube might be too thin, and they might be looking for something that will stimulate them more. 

In the end, you should ensure that you find the toy that’s perfect for you, and that’s usually proportional to the size of your urethra. That way, the toy will fit like a glove, and you will experience that fullness and pleasure that comes with it. We also recommend browsing through lustplugs collections as they have many options for you to choose from. They also provide useful information with the proper way of using penis plugs, so you don’t hurt yourself. 

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