The Pros and Cons of Urethral Sound

Premature ejaculation is often one of the most ‘secret’ problems and experienced with greater difficulty by a significant urethra and urethral meatus.

Urethral sounds ejaculation

Every man has tried it, at least from puberty on, yet very few know what is hidden behind an ejaculation. Let’s start with the most obvious question: What is urethral sound? Urethral stenos is in this reservoir determines the post-minus drip typical of urethral stricture. There may also be an ejaculation.

What is ejaculation?

With particular deficits of the autonomic nervous system and some individuals subjected to TURP or transurethral endoscopic resection

Some consider it the Viagra of the poor. It is that thing that your partner forgets and that you discover the next day on the bedside table. It is the simplest erotic toy that there is, apart from, perhaps, the hands. It’s the cock ring.

Based on the rules of fluid mechanics, the cockring allows the blood to flow into the penis in a state of rest, but traps it – more or less – inside, once it reaches the erection, prolonging and intensifying it. And you can develop your equipment under jeans in cases where you want to stand out in the crowd.

There are traditionally three types of cockring: the shiny metal model, which gives a great impression, the rubber ring to be tightened around the thing, and the leather ring with the automatic button.

All four types do their job, rather tightly surrounding the base of the genitals, but the first two types can be a little more delicate to put on and take off. You have to guide the balls, better one at a time, through the ring that can be more or less rigid, and then use the remaining space to pass the penis. Or it may be easier to start from the penis.

The metal or rubber rings have some advantages: the metal has a shiny, brutal look, a sort of futuristic object, while the rubber model is light, economical, and if you discover it, you can always say that it is a gasket for the Shuttle repair.

But there are also disadvantages in these non-modeling rings. The size, especially for the metal ring, is absolutely important: if it is too small, you will never be able to slip it, if it is too big, it will not tighten enough to fulfill its role. And taking off the ring can be difficult, since the meat that used to fit closely, could still be a little congested.

In an emergency, a rubber ring can always be removed, but unless you like the idea of having a hacksaw close to your private parts, the lubricated metal ring may require patience, dexterity, and sometimes a cube of ice that reduces erection, to be removed.

So we arrive at the adjustable leather cockring. This is the only measure of the tool that fits all needs, the elastic ornament of the penis. Of course, it has disadvantages, for example the fact that the skin cannot be washed, a potential problem that affects the germs of the anal area. But the automatic button of an object like this makes the act of wearing it as easy as a breath. There are at least a couple of button positions that allow you to adjust the ring to the various sizes, which, in homage to the male ego, we will call “big”, “bigger” and “very big”.

In the simplest version, the leather cockring is a strip of leather that closes in circles, but the man has ingeniously unearthed a number of variants. In the most common, the ring is decorated with a row of chrome studs; and can turn into a nice bracelet if you go to visit relatives returning from an appointment. In the most fetish version, the ring can be edged by a row of small sharp points, agony and ecstasy combined in a toy always at hand. And finally there are the more baroque versions, like the one with the fascinating name of “Hell’s Gate ” which presents a series of rings that tighten around the entire length of the shaft.

The new invention is called gel ring. Like an object that a big bear could use on its own flesh, it is soft, very elastic, and washable. Tightens less like a vise than other rings, which means that it can be worn and removed during erection, and it is less likely to cause discomfort. It is also versatile, you can use it simply at the base of the penis or balls. In some cases, it can stretch and lose shape or break, and oil-based lubricants damage it, but ultimately they are very cheap, and it is not serious.

Using all types of cockrings is quite safe, as long as the ring does not tighten too much or is not worn too long. If you are putting a leather cockring on someone else, however, it is a good idea to be careful not to pinch small portions of delicate skin and not to pull on the hair.

Premise: the sexologist has the purpose to provide you with all the cognitive tools to live serenely and in a satisfying and safe way your sexual life; therefore it represents the “mother” who gives you the good advice, which often curb your youthful exuberance, but which prove to be precious to avoid the moments of difficulty. “Ah, if you had listened to him ” murmurs the fearless careless, at the moment when nature presents him the bill!

After this boring as a dutiful premise, and after examining the article on the cockring, remind of some considerations that you have outside. The first is: what the hell is it going to be so exciting in squeezing the testicles with a metal thing, and show yourself proud of your partner? We all have a certain percentage of sado-masochism, which is also useful in feeding the relationship. Fantasy, extrusion and unpredictability represent the indispensable attributes of a perfect union. But are we sure this thing is useful for this purpose?

The second consideration concerns the reason for its use, and here I am not reckoned with the following: no question on the aesthetic aspect, on which I do not enter into merit. De gustibus … but if there is a need to prolong an erection, or to make it more “present”, then I really do not agree. The mechanism of the erection is very complex, and has been designed to obtain and maintain the necessary and sufficient rigidity for the entire duration of the relationship. If this does not happen, if someone needs help to improve their performance, it is not to this device that must be addressed, but to the sexologist, because evidently there is a problem. It can happen that our ring will help us temporarily, but if we do not eliminate the cause, whatever the case, the problem will become enraged, and it will make us slaves of our nice wisps.

Moreover, third consideration, if you really care, avoid the use of the metallic and fixed ones in general: erection could persist even after the conclusion of the relationship, since venous blood is unable to flow, and prolonged erection for too long it can lead to serious consequences too. And this often happens, because it is precisely the effect we get if we take the right size back. Better then to use the leather with the possibility of adjustment, even if the inability to wash it strongly penalizes the use.

In conclusion, do not feel like recommending the use of cockring. The risks are in my opinion is excessive compared to the pleasure that can be drawn, and there are many other “playmates” more fun, stimulating, and certainly less dangerous. If you want to know more about experience and the sensation of urethral sound, you can go to lustplugs and suit yourself. Remember, be careful and always protect and make yourself comfortable and no matter how kinky you are, never try inserting penis plugs during circumcision. Don’t be that level of crazy.

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