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How To Pick The Right-Sized Condom

Hi ladies and gents! It’s me again, Doug — one of your favorite sexperts. I have received several messages asking about condom sizes. So it’s obvious that I need to teach you how to pick a condom for you or your man. Ladies who are dating guys, your man is likely clueless about this one too. If I teach you, you can teach him.

If the condom fits properly, it shouldn’t slip off or break, so you’re less likely to get preggo or catch a STD. Just to let you know, condoms are sized in length and girth (width or thickness). And here’s something most people don’t realize — the girth is WAY more important than the length! Let’s go over some tricks for you to pick the right condom for your man’s penis.

Trick #1: Measure the girth (thickness) of his penis when it’s erect.

Trick #2: If his girth is less than 4.7 inches wide, he needs a “snug fit” condom. Try Beyond Seven Studded OR Glyde Slim Fit.

Trick #3: If his girth is between 4.7-5.1 inches wide, he can use a “regular fit” condom. Try Lifestyles Skyn OR Durex PleasureMax.

Trick #4: If his girth is between 5.1-6 inches wide, he needs a “larger fit” condom. Size queens can I get an amen?! Try the FC2 female condom. Just take the inner thick ring out of the female condom and it turns into a male condom. Cool right?

How to Measure a Penis Without A Measuring Tape

In case you don’t have a measuring tape handy, don’t worry. You can also check his penile girth by putting his erect penis in an empty toilet paper roll. To measure, use these simple guidelines: If there’s too much room in the roll, he needs a snugger fit. If his penis fits comfortably in the roll, he’s a regular fit. If his penis can’t fit in the roll, he’s large. That’s pretty simple right?

Remember to Be Prepared

Be careful, ladies and have some condom sense — always have three different size condoms with you at all times. You never know if your new guy will have a small, regular, or large penis. If you’re not experienced with condoms, you should practice putting a condom on a banana before you get too excited when you see the real thing. Practice makes perfect.