What Are The Best Anal Beads For Women to Pleasure Thesmelves?

Anal stimulator is ready to gently stimulate your anus! 2 magic balls and an egg are interconnected by a rope, at the end of which there is a convenient ring for comfortable use. From the ringlet, as if seeking to fly, hangs a beautiful butterfly, which undoubtedly will appeal to lovely ladies. It provides additional stimulation of the perineum in the process of insertion or extraction. Using the ring is convenient and safe to remove sex toy. The diameter of the balls is from 1.2 cm to 3 cm. The total length of the chain is 15 cm, and working – 11.5 cm. The toy is made of smooth, silky and very pleasant to the touch 100% silicone of purple colour, which very quickly takes body temperature. The anal stick is waterproof and very flexible. If you’re looking to obtain one of these, you can buy anal beads now at loveplugs.

It will be an excellent intimate accessory for those who want to discover new facets in the field of anal pleasure but you should know how to use anal beads like a pro!

For whom the anal toy is suitable:

For you! Balls, chains and beads are designed to stimulate the anus and can be used in pairs during sex games and for masturbation. The toy is universal. It is equally convenient for her to use whether you are a man or a woman. Just think, how many devices for sex can use both partners? And these beads will suit both! Original toys will give a lot of new impressions to all!

The benefits and pleasure of using:

First of all, anal toys are created for pleasure. When you enter them, the beads stimulate the erogenous zones of the pelvis and strengthen the vaginal orgasm. Pleasure is difficult to compare with something. It is about a feeling of fullness and gentle pressure from within.

A strong half should prepare for indescribable bliss. Anal spheres massage all erogenous zones of the pelvis. You will get pleasant feelings from stimulation of the entrance to the anus, from unusual stimulation and from prostate massage. Try beads for the anus, and you never refuse them.

Along with enjoyment, they will benefit. Strengthen intimate muscles, help in the prevention of haemorrhoids. The disease of “sedentary lifestyle” is not terrible for those who regularly disperse blood in the pelvic region, and the best way to do this is to apply gentle pressure with this simulator.

We especially recommend the use of beads to gentlemen. See for yourself that there is no better prostate massage than a combination of lovemaking or masturbation with anal stimulation. Such exercises stimulate the prostate gland, as a result – a terrific orgasm, prevention of prostatitis and powerful erection.

Products for the priests are an effective simulator especially good in stretching the muscles of the sphincter “beginners.” Exercises with them will help to gently prepare the ass for full penetration.

9 reasons to buy this product:

  1. Protection against the risk of haemorrhoids.
  2. Preparing priests for anal sex.
  3. Training the muscles and narrowing the vagina.
  4. Your orgasms will become brighter and more intense.
  5. This toy is suitable for men and women.
  6. Sexual life will become more interesting.
  7. You can try double penetration with one partner.
  8. You will not be threatened with prostatitis, and the erection will become stronger.
  9. This is a simulator, a piquant accessory and a means for prevention in one.

How to use anal toy:

It is easy to use and you will quickly get comfortable. Apply lubricant to the toy before insertion and moisten the inlet with plenty of water. Carefully thrust, listening to the sensations. When you get used to the feeling of being full, you can start playing with the balls, slowly pulling them out and putting them back. Accompany it with masturbation or sex, and a violent orgasm will not keep you waiting.

Recommendations for the care of intimate shop Aphrodite:

  1. Be sure to apply lubricant at every use.
  2. Upon completion, wash the accessory thoroughly with warm water and soap, and disinfect. It is desirable to use special antiseptics for intimate products. They do not contain alcohol and are safe for materials.


Do not neglect the special antiseptic for anal toys. Their condition must be sterile;

Give preference to water-based or silicone-based lubricants;

Observe safety precautions and remember: the auxiliary ring or the stop always remains outside!


Elegant box made of thick cardboard.

Want to make a loved one an intimate gift? We will pack the goods in beautiful festive packaging for free.

Prepare yourself as it should, and then make your sex unusual with the anal chain of Booty Beads 2 PowerBullet!

A toy resembles a bead like never before – beads of different diameters alternate with each other, and vibropuli are located at the ends of the toy. You can use the chain on both sides. The peculiarity of the toy is that not only its tips vibrate, but also all the beads, providing unsurpassed stimulation of the sensitive areas of the anus.

Anal Balls are equipped with three vibration speeds and a unique transition function to the highest power at once. The so-called turbo button is replaced by the action “click and hold.” It makes you feel the full power of vibration at the very beginning of an erotic game.

Bullet is a great variety not only for experienced lovers of anal sex, but also for beginners. The diameter of the beads is so small that it can be used even by those who have never taken anal caress.

The toy is made of silky to the touch and good sliding ABS plastic. Together with beads, you can use anal lubricants on a water or silicone basis.

Anal chains and Christmas trees

Anal chains are one of the most popular anal stimulants. Anal chains are used for anal masturbation and for additional stimulation during sexual intercourse. Anal chains are equally well suited to those who are just trying anal stimulation and to those who are quite tempted with pleasures of this kind.

The anal chain can also be used to prepare for anal sex; it will help stretch and relax the anus. For these purposes, we recommend choosing anal chains with balls of different diameters and / or vibrations.

What is an anal chain?

The anal chain (anal balls, anal beads) is balls or beads of the same or different diameter on a flexible or rigid base. As a rule, anal chains are made of silicone, latex, thermoplastic rubber, and plastic. They can have a smooth surface or relief for more intense stimulation.

As the first anal chain, it is better to choose a toy from medical silicone with smooth balls of small diameter. Experts also recommend giving preference to the model with a rigid coupling of the same material as the balls themselves. It is more hygienic and comfortable. Especially for beginners, manufacturers offer sets of anal chains of different diameters. With their help, you can accurately choose the optimal size of the chain and change the intensity of stimulation.

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