Best Anal Beads for Beginners

Ah, ass play. While some of us indulge in anal stimulation and are very vocal about it, others dream of it under the shroud of darkness. They whisper about it to themselves and only indulge when no one is looking while within the safety of blanket forts. 

Oh, they are missing out on so much! Sure, the world of anal play is wild, there’s no doubt about it, and it can be quite intimidating. But why let anything dissuade you from it?

There’s a whole new world back there, so why not explore it and stake your claim to it (or let that sexy hot stuff you call a partner stake it instead)? However, word to the wise — all of you ass virgins need to approach this territory gingerly. You can’t just go shoving stuff up the back entrance and pout when you don’t get the expected world-shattering orgasms.

So the word of the day is moderation. Start with small anal beads so that you can climb the pleasure ladder slowly. That’s true for all sex toys, but especially those like anal beads and other toys meant to breach the darkest of all doors.

Beginners, Be Advised

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy, a girl, or anything in-between (or out of those two limiting boxes) — anal beads will change the way you have and look at sex. This sex toy is so simple but can bring so much pleasure if used correctly. 

Before you let anyone plow your ass with a monster toy (or any toy for that matter), you have to consider particular factors that will help you choose the right toys for you. From the material, size, shape, and even color — leave no stone unturned while on the hunt for the perfect, toe-curling toy.

Silicone Anal Beads vs. Metal Anal Beads

Here’s a small disclaimer to set things straight (or not!) — you can’t go wrong with either. Both silicone and metal are common materials when it comes to sex toys. Still, each has a specific set of advantages and disadvantages.

The material of the toy is the most crucial factor to consider. But it all bottles down to personal preference. In the battle of silicone vs. metal, it comes down to whether you (think you) like something rigid pressing up against you or if you’d prefer something more pliant and flexible.

Beginners usually don’t want to go “too wild” right from the get-go, so they’ll only buy one toy to test the waters. If that’s the case with you, we suggest silicone anal beads. Here’s why.

Silicone Anal Beads

Silicone is flexible and softer than metal and plastic. This material is highly durable, which means that you won’t see any signs of wear and tear for a long time. It’s also not prone to letting the bacteria seep through it as it doesn’t have any pores.

However, the same can be said for metal. So what makes the silicone anal toys stand out? 

Silicone is cheaper and easier to get your horny, grabby hands on than metal. What’s more, it’s bendy (but it doesn’t have to be). It also offers various degrees of flexibility. That means that even those who are on the lookout for a rigid sex product can go to town with a set of silicone anal beads. 

However, one of the significant disadvantages of silicone is that it isn’t compatible with all types of lube. For example, if you have a set of these anal beads, you shouldn’t use silicon-based and hybrid lube. These types of lube might make the toy not body-safe, and thus, thwart your “me” time.

Metal Anal Beads

Metal anal beads are sleek-looking, elegant, and heavier than their silicone counterparts. They are also quite rigid and hard on the sphincter muscles. Therefore, pulling the beads may feel different if you opt for a metal set than a silicone one. 

These hefty little sex toys (for men and women) also offer a wider variety of play options than the silicone ones. Since metal is cold, hard, and heavy, they provide a larger variety of sensations than silicone. Metal toys are also quite easy to insert but offer no flexibility, which means quite a bit of tugging on your rim when you go to remove the beads.

Smaller Beads Are the Best for Beginners

It’s always a smart idea to start small if you’re a beginner. You don’t want to let your horniness get the better of you at the store and make you go crazy. That’s how you end up with a wild set of vibrating anal beads that are too big for your tight, virgin ass and a disappointing (or a painful) evening. 

So buy a small starter pack of anal beads that has a tiny starting point. That won’t feel like too big of an intrusion in your puckering cinnamon star. 

The good news is that anal beads progress in size. Therefore, even if you buy a set that’s “too small,” you’ll probably find pleasure in the bigger beads in the back.

Inserting Anal Beads

Inserting the beads might seem scary and even potentially painful, but it really isn’t (or at least it shouldn’t be). All you need is a lot of lube. Well, you also need to relax because sliding something up your butt will ALWAYS be a strange sensation. 

Anal beads are the perfect sex toy for those who haven’t had their butts breached before. They progress in size, and there’s a wand between each, which gives the rim a bit of a reprieve after each bead. However, make sure to lube all of them and the rectum generously before you carefully push ONE BEAD at a time (while pausing in-between them). 

Once you take everything you think you can, the fun can begin. If you think pushing them in has been fun, just wait until you discover the joys of tugging. Don’t go too fast (both in and out). 

Anal beads can make sex and masturbation even more fun as they offer another form of stimulation. There are a lot of nerves in the rectum (not to mention that beads can reach those delicious P-spots that make the men go crazy). For the best sensation, try to time tugging the beads out with an orgasm!

A Few Parting Words

There you have it. If you plan on going to town on your ass tonight, now you know the basics. Whether you’re doing all this by yourself or with a partner, make sure you’re safe. Also, use lots of lube and clean all sex toys after every use adequately. Clean toys are fun toys! And you don’t want to be nursing a yeast infection after a night of frolicking in the back garden!

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